Learning e-Modules

Module One

What is the UNCRC?

In this module, we will start with an introduction to the UNCRC. We will then explore a bit more about UNCRC Incorporation, and more importantly, what it means to you and children in Scotland.​

Module Two

Human Dignity

In this module, we will share how we explain human rights to children. There will be more formal ways to write and think about human dignity, but we would encourage everyone to keep in mind that this is all about helping children understand the concept, and live with a commitment to ensuring human dignity for all.

Module Three

A children's rights approach

In this module, we will explore the definition of a children’s rights approach; its underlying principles, and the application of the rights-based approach in practice.

Module Four

The UNCRC, GIRFEC and Wellbeing​

In this module, we are going to explore the connections between the UNCRC and GIRFEC – and more importantly, how children’s human rights can be realised and embedded into everyday practice under Getting It Right for Every Child.