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How professionals make rights real

The individual professional person who engages with children day-to-day is a key ally in the delivery of the experience of rights for children whether at school, within service provision or in the community.  

As the rights of the child enshrined in the UNCRC become law, Members of Children’s Parliament (MCPsare investigating how professionals make rights real.


We have created a variety of resources for Professionals to learn about children’s rights. These have been made with the Members of Children’s Parliament from both Clackmannanshire and East Lothian, including everything from learning modules and handy tips to films and games.


A quick quiz to see how much you know about children’s rights.


Top tips to make rights real in professional practice.

New Cover

Four modules for a deep dive into the UNCRC and children’s rights


Use this downloadable resource to help children and adults explore together how human rights are experienced in everyday life.


Made by children in East Lothian, this film introduces the UNCRC. 2031 in a deep dark forest in Scotland…


Children in Clackmannanshire created this film as a reminder to adults about what not do when working with children. 


The Game

This online game will help you to explore how adults’ interactions with children will have an impact on their human dignity. The scenarios and the scripts in this game are developed by members of Children’s Parliament based on their personal experiences and their peer research.

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